Fully Furnished Villa Rental Fort Lauderdale

Luxury Vacation Rentals Fort Lauderdale- Villa Tunis

  • Sep 22 2018
  • By: Villa Tunis
Luxury Vacation Rentals Fort Lauderdale- Villa Tunis

Welcome to the paradise, villa rental near Victoria Park in Fort Lauderdale. Victoria Park is a place that offers various activities like table tennis, basketball and various sports activities. Fort Lauderdale is famed for the beautiful and nice beaches with crystal clear Turquoise color water and white soft sand. The house is a two bedrooms villa apartment in south Florida. Villa has a tropical environment with fresh air all the time and a heated swimming pool. You can see the touch of Egyptian style on the walls of the vacation apartments in Fort Lauderdale. Each of the rooms is large and spacious. The house is fully furnished with the amenities available with to make your stay comfortable and relaxing. The kitchen is fully equipped with microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator and more. Located in Fort Lauderdale is also known as the Venice of South Florida which makes vacation rental in South Florida a beautiful location for the stay. The living and bedroom has new hardwood floors and kitchen and bathroom looks clean and nice with the porcelain tiles. You will find various artic rafts of Egyptian and paintings on the walls of the house. Nearby you can visit the various restaurants, shopping array, beach, and other stores. As said for Villa Tunis – “A Wonderful Place to Relax”.  Fort Lauderdale comprises of 4000 restaurants, 63 golf courses, 12 shopping malls, 16 museums, 132 nightclubs, 278 parkland campsites and 100 marina housing. 


Make yourself comfortable while watching TV. Explore the Bonnet garden where you will be in love with the garden and the house that was made centuries ago. Walk along the side of the Bonnet house and enjoy the house and the beautiful flower garden. By being in Fort Lauderdale you can also visit the Las Olas Boulevard which is a hub for famed for shopping, eating and fun. Luxury vacation rental in fort lauderdale .There are various shopping stores which carry lot of variety with them, also, there are various jewelry shops, and restaurants at the lane are amazing with some of the very delicious delicacies.  If you are planning for the vacation, this is the wonderful choice. The place is heaven on earth with gorgeous views of nature, beaches and with many recreational activities. Main motive behind the vacations is to relax and rest, but we don’t know how to do it, but this place will make you feel relaxed and calm , not tired but rejuvenated.