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  • Sep 21 2018
  • By: Villa Tunis
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Located at the heavy weight a champion of all the exotic hot spots in Florida ‘Fort Lauderdale’ which is known for its clean beaches and scenery that you cannot really forget to admire at which is also very stunning and nice to look at. Our Villa Tunis Vacation Rentals is well equipped and comfortable and also a luxurious, peaceful and a quite place where one can enjoy the beach which is really close to our villa rentals. Holiday Rentals South Florida With the touch of medieval Egypt artifacts like; pottery and handicrafts which will you surely admire at your time at our vacations rentals. Villa Tunis Vacation Rentals also famous for its Bonnet house and garden, where you can simply stroll around and enjoy the beautiful garden and house. Las Alas Boulevard, which is really famous for its fun, eating and shopping spot .The Beach is also very close or you can say near to the Villa Tunis Vacation Rentals; Fort Lauderdale beaches are of turquoise color, with crystal clear water and white sand, which make it very beautiful and relaxing vacation rentals Fort Lauderdale.

 The idea of Villa Tunis comes from the rural village south of Cairo, pottery and other Egyptian handicraft comes from that village. Villa Tunis comprises five exclusive Ft. Lauderdale vacation rentals. They share a heated swimming pool and tropical garden. The luxury apartments are located in lovely Victoria Park about 2 miles from Ft. Lauderdale world famous beaches. The owner is always ready to help guests. Our guests have called Villa Tunis: “Simply stunning”, “A wonderful place to relax”, “Perfect place for a beach vacation”, “Pleasantly surprised”. We want you to invite and share these experiences with us at Villa Tunis.